I have been privileged to be one
of the founder members of AIMF,
a India Forum involved in Fighting for rights of meritorious people and serve on the board of the Governing Council of AIMF.

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I would like to offer free services like campaign material, website, print material and other desinging needs for NGOs and social cause.

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We pray to the almighty for the benevolent qualities with which we strive towards making the world noble and succeed in destroying our enemies (weakness and bad qualities).

writing about myself is something difficult for me to do and I guess I've a feeling that by designing this website I am indulging in narcissism.

Yet this website is just an attempt to let people who are interested to know more information about me, my career, my interests & hobbies, my beliefs and much more...

I'm sure that after browsing this website you'd be able to get an idea of the sort of person that I am.

Hope you enjoy browsing this site just as I had designing this one. I plan to update this site as and when things happen at my end...so keep visiting & happy browsing!

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"Try not to become a man of

success but rather a

man of value."

-Albert Einstein

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