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I am an Information architect and above all a human being trying to expand my network. I am one of the few blessed ones to have loving family, caring friends and many well wishers.
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About Guruji
Guruji was a contemplative child. His sharp intelligence allowed him to earn a degree in Engineering before he was 20 under scholarship from the Government of India. He secured assistentship to study Aeronautics at Carleton University in Canada. He also earned the Master of Business Administration Degree from the most acknowledged University of Western Ontario.
Guruji Rishi Prabhakar

He was also a pioneer in IT technology and worked as a consultant to many dapartments of the Canadian Government. He is a scientist, engineer, active environmentalist and a creator of forest academic for exciting education. A silent meditator, he is an active inspiration of simplicity and dynamism for thousands around the world. There are thousands of people whose lives are touched by him and his dedicated band of leaders.

Param poojya Guruji’s discourses, programs and trainings have transformed thousands of people all over the world. The trainings have a permanent impact on people’s lives and open their hearts to a greater joyful possibility that is normally unavailable. Hundreds of corporations in India are embracing this purely Indian system of super management. Many corporates are shifting to this method of training men of heart rather than efficient exploitive technocrats.

He has trained himself in many fields by associating himself with great souls like Shri Anna hazare. His expertise also extends to world economics, architecture, agriculture and environment.

More than all these he is a child accessible to all those who care to search out for his company. Without a bank account, possessing nothing as his own, living on whatever is offered in love, working joyfully for the welfare of all wherever he is, Pujya Guruji represents the living ideal of the Great masters of India.

Guruji is the image of ancient explores of Consciousness called the Rishis.Awakened practitioners and teachers of SSY trained by him are applying his simplicity,availability and path breaking solutions in the fields of Health,Education,Managment and Ecology worldwide.

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The Guru is Brahma (The God of Creation)
The Guru is Vishnu (The God of Sustenance)
The Guru is Shiva (The God of Destruction-Renovation)
My Salutation to such a Guru, who is verily the Supreme God
    Guruji Shri Arnav

Shrii Arnav (earlier Arnav Medhi) would be as a Vedic Guru. However his aura and acclaim is not limited to the extensive Vedic knowledge or spiritual ambience that surrounds him. As a person with infinitesimal grasp of a wide array of Indian competency areas – be it astrology, numerology, gemology, Vaastu Shastra, tantra, mantra and beyond - he is the personification of a neo-modern guide and guru for the new millennium citizens – be it Indians or Non-Indians. Guruji Shrii Arnav is a true Guru, for the seekers of Dhyan Sadhana (Meditation techniques) and Mantra Sadhanas. While the term Vedic may have Hindu connotations – his applications and processes find people of varied religious relating with him quite easily.

Guruji Shrii Arnav has found international claim with a diligent list of followers who have been touched deeply by his abiding faith and ability to positively influence and affect their lives. The Guru helps people of all faith and backgrounds to seek answers and solutions to the most complex factors of their lives. He uses the knowledge and practice of the Vedas and other spiritual texts in association with the scientific factors of gemology, astrological charts, and his own spiritual capacity - to prove successfully the power of prayers and Vedic rituals and the influence of varied controlled factors that can positively effect every ones lives.

On the Vedic front – Guruji Shrii Arnav provides information and suggests appropriate activities based on the study of Vedic charts. The Vedic charts comprise of different chambers that control various facets of an individual’s life. He not only assists people in understanding the present and past but also predicts the future and also the different aspects of their lives – be it related to relationships, businesses, health, etc. Going beyond predictions, Guruji Shrii Arnav suggests and undertakes sacred Vedic rites and rituals (Yagnas) that can enhance the positive parts of the chambers or deter the negative influences.

Yet even as he provides succour to very many people from all classes and backgrounds. Says the Guru – “My goal is to demystify the myths that hold back the ordinary individual from experiencing the powers of the spirituality. In my own way, I wish to break down the barriers of religious and spiritual ignorance and bring it closer to the new generation of Indians and non-Indians. I wish to help everyone – whether he is a believer or a non-believer – a Hindu or a Muslim, a Christian or a Sikh. Everybody can benefit.”

Above all, my incentive for my following,” says Guruji Shrii Arnav, “is because of an intrinsic desire to touch people in a spiritual manner – for the better, and my reward comes in the form of a smile, and further than that, a change for the better in their lives – all of which provides the ultimate stimulus for me to go ahead with my chosen path.”

Besides heading Astro Journey, Guruji is also the Astro Columnist for What’s New Fashion and Lifestyle magazine published from the UAE and Sulkeha Classifieds. He is also the member of the International Planetary gemologists Association - Thailand. He regularly conducts meditation and yoga life optimization programs.

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