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I am an Information architect and above all a human being trying to expand my network. I am one of the few blessed ones to have loving family, caring friends and many well wishers.
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About Guruji

Ours is a small happy family, which mainly constitutes My Self, Wife, Father, Mother, Elder Brothers and Sister in law's.

I come from a very traditional & orthodox family.

While we stick to traditions & customs when it comes to family values, celebrating festivals yet we are forward-thinking, modern and progressive in our attitude & outlook towards life.

Our family hails from the small village near Vellore.

we are strict vegetarians so much so some of our folks prefer patronizing food outlets catering solely vegetarian dishes! Despite the times in which we live, everyone has upheld this family tradition to this day. Touchwood! Hope to continue to have this unblemished track record in the years, perhaps generations to come.

I'm honored to have been born in this family and I'm very proud about my lineage, their lives & legacies and wish to carry forward the family values & traditions which hitherto has been passed down from generations to generation from times immemorial.

Grand Parents are no more

Father: He is a retired Assistant Engineer from Indian Telephone industries.

Mother: Home maker

Eldest Brother: works as a Sr Systems Architect for an IT Company

Sister in law : House wife

Nephew : Vikas (3 years young)

Elder Brother : Seasoned Entroprenour handling his philately business

sister in law : House wife

Myself : working for IT Consulting Firm

My wife : House wife

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