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I am an Information architect and above all a human being trying to expand my network. I am one of the few blessed ones to have loving family, caring friends and many well wishers.
My Belief
About Guruji

I am blessed to be born without fear of dying. When contemplating about death, I can see only ceaseless life and can feel only joy, freedom and new choices coming on my way.

There is nothing in this universe but life, consciousness and creative energy of the universe expressed through various personalities - human or non-human, materialized or vibrational (spiritual). Our bodies are solidified ideas which our souls create, our lives are the movies which our souls imagine - experiences which we choose to live, in order to learn and to evolve.

I am not talking about any religious belief - it is just knowledge, cognition...

10 things I strongly believe in:

1. Living by choice not by chance.

2. Becoming a better person by learning constantly since life is a great opportunity to becoming better than before.

3. Cultivating strong work ethics and upholding high standards through personal integrity & credibility.

4. Building strong character to withstand the knocks that life gives every so often.

5. People and accept as they are with all their faults & shortcomings, mentoring and empowering them.

6. Team Work - ‘We’ rather than ‘I’ – taking everyone together and make things possible.

7. Sharing knowledge and enlightening people.

8. Putting people up and not pulling them down.

9. Fighting for what is right despite the odds.

10.Living a life that matters and leave this place a better place than I found it yesterday.

5 things I value most:

1. Life as no life is worthless to be wasted.

2. Time since what you do today determines what you will be tomorrow.

3. My folks since they are the ones who will see you through tough times and no one else.

4. Criticisms because they keep me focused and help me to rectify or improve things about myself.

5. People and relationships as it is people who make things possible and rapport you have with them makes the difference.

My Philosophy for Life: Be Good, Do Good

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