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I am an Information architect and above all a human being trying to expand my network. I am one of the few blessed ones to have loving family, caring friends and many well wishers.
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Interests? Lots of them. Perhaps it has got something to do with the fact that my interest gets piqued by anything and everything that I come across. This is what I do in my copious free time. Someday, I might even pursue one of these pass-time activities of mine more seriously.

I wonder that many people has a lot of time to do thier hobbies but what is the most hobby you'd like to do and why you choose that and how it does affecy your life?is it helpful for you or not?.

Have varieties of interests, basically they keep changing all the time. The following have been the most consistent ones :-) !

First love is Travelling and enjoy doing so thoroughly. Generally I never miss an opportunity to travel. Also like Hiking & Trekking. Find happiness in nature and other small gifts of life.

My favorite pastime is being on the internet, I like the internet so much, I am always on it, I enjoy surfing the web, I enjoy chatting I just like being online.

Always been attracted towards sensible, soothing and soul nourishing music. More so interested in Film based stuff (Kannada, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, English, Malayalam, etc). Have an ear for South Indian Carnatic songs, Intrumental, Pop & Soft Rock too.

I like reading. I am not a book crunching machine, but I read all kinds of books and find reading to be one of the best ways to keep myself thinking and entertained at the same time, the easier ways of entertainment being watching movies, listening to music and riding/driving.

As a firm believer in God I keep visiting south indian temples.

I am sorta artistically challenged, but that has never stopped me from liking photography. This is the world, through my eyes. Photography goes hand in hand with traveling, most people who like traveling also seem to like photography.

Take pleasure in watching movies of action, thriller, comedy, romance & musical types.

I like good food. Once in a while, I do a little bit of cooking too. Cooking gives me a lot of chances to experiment and that is probably why I find it quite enjoyable.

Would say am basically a party animal and love to settle in the company of friends.

Hobbies: Philately, Listening to music, reading, writing, photography, surfing the Internet, etc.

Interests: Corporate Executive Leadership, Institution Building, People Management, Mentoring, etc.

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