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I have been privileged to be one of the founder members of AIMF, a meritorious Forum involved in Fighting for the rights of meritorious people and serving on the board of AIMF.
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This site is not very complex. It is all simple HTML, light on graphics (I know what it is like to access the Internet over a dial-up line shared by 1/2 dozen people) and all the pages have a standard look and feel. To help you navigate easily (and so that you don't get lost in this mess that I created), you can find the links to the ancestors of the current page in most of the pages. The footer contains links to the top-level individual sections of the website. If you cannot read these web-pages conveniently in some browser, please do let me know. I will try to correct it.

I have used software like photoshop and Dreamweaver to develop this website and all the software are licensed.

However, the blog is a service from livejournal.com integrated into the site using PHP (magpiersss), and the page hit counter on the main page is from the MIT web-page hit counter.

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