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KARTA = the person who performs any work.
KRIYA = the technique of work performed.
KARMA = karta + kriya (action).
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Though i feel lots are yet to be achieved in life, Here i share some of my achievements with you.

First and foremost would be my Book "photoshop in fruition" has been one of my achievement which i feel out of my heart.

Second was ICICI Infotech project which was developed me in Crayons Multimedia. The entire project was developed by me in flash. Which fetched me an appreciation by the director of ICICI Infotech and Directors of Crayons Multimedia too. This project was developed in two languages. English and German.

Third would be the opportunity that i won to work for Vanmeenon & partners assignment for their first of its kind Euro Asian ad agency. I was one among those three who won out of the competation.

Fourth would be the project that i worked for fighting for rights of meritorious students. This project was to unite meritorious students together and fight against reservation policy. This battle was fought against karnataka State Government and the case won in Supreme Court.

Fifth Would be my JSYS project i had developed all alone in competation with Rolta India Pvt Ltd. I was referred by Mr.Devaraj (currently DYSP at Ramnagara) to Executive Director Mr.Bore Gowda.
This project was launched by Mr. Mallikarjun Karge (At that time he was Dy CM for Karnataka Government) I was the only person to develop this project completly.

Sixth was the project that i developed for All India Sujok Foundation and it was inagurated by Prof. Park Jae Woo.

Last but not the least, I alone recruited 150 professionals for a startup BPO, which included, Voice & Non Voice agents, Trainers, Teamleads, OPs Manager and HR Manager.

And so on many other achievements are there to share with you. Since space n time would be a constrain, Contact me to know more about.

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