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KARTA = the person who performs any work.
KRIYA = the technique of work performed.
KARMA = karta + kriya (action).
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My interests towards work are something like,

. How singers love to sing and get paid for what they love to do.

. How a painter would love to make paintings and get paid for it.

. How a Gardner would love to grow the plants and get paid for it.

. How a teacher would love to impart knowledge to the students and get paid for it.

Below you could find what I would love to do.

Adding creativity to what I do.
Concept oriented process
Market research
Competitor analysis
Out of the box solution
Human Interaction
Above all freedom to think

Fields that would interest me to accomplish my destiny of work karma are:

Human resources Management
Training & development
I mean business with all the above said fields.

From time to time interests tend to change but methodology remains the same with the common objective.

As far as my interests are concerned it has taken quite a long time to know actually what I would like to do. I have chosen every part of my assignment to be accomplished with great love and passion, over the years of my work experience.

Here in forth I would like to specialize in my area of interest with above mentioned fields and reach up to my level of satisfaction.

I am least interested in any [now say that thrice] job opportunities at the moment. But if you are interested in giving me an ego boost, do take a look at my Curriculum Vitae.

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