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My First book that i composed was about photoshop.

Before i talk about my book i would like to tell you how this idea of composing came into my mind.

It was then after my ventures in marketing and print media thought of doing something in life and happened to visit Pran digital studio on an assignment with my friend. Thats where i saw the editing work that was done using this beautiful software and i was very inquisitive to know about it.

The feeling that i had was something like a newborn baby that has entered into the world and wanting to know each and everything that is seen. so as my curiosity took me a long way to learn photoshop from my guruji Pranesh Achar and worked with him in image editing for almost an year and joined Crayons Multimedia as graphic artist.

Thats where i used photoshop every day on an average of 8 hours in a day and tried all options of the application.

Every new discovery of mine with photoshop was shared with my guruji. Finally i felt i should be writing something about the evolution of this amazing editing application "photoshop" and landed in writing this book which includes evaluation, introduction, versions, menus, options, wonders in photoshop, short keys, usage, practical examples, and finally preparing for getting certified.

"Photoshop in Fruition"
“A Journey of thousand miles must begin with a single step”

Art of learning Photoshop

I have long felt the best way to learn photoshop is through exploration. Rather than just offering a set of canned effects, so get ready for an interesting trip where you are going to explore yourself. Here Photoshop offers you a brand, collection of tools for a wide range of imaging tasks.

To become a skilled Photoshop user you need to know those tools, interact & when to use them.

The best way I have found to do that is through exploration & playing with a software package.

Photoshop is a huge image editing industry which is totally based on your skilled work. Your skill is nothing but creative mind & working here is using your creative mind.

In this industry you have got all the tools where you are going to work using your creative mind. So first know what these tools are & how this is going to help your creative give the best output.

The driving philosophy behind the Photoshop is even the most complicated topic can be made easier if its explained properly.

Photoshop is not some remarkable work of nature that defies our comprehension, Photoshop is nothing more that a commercial product designed by a bunch of regular people like us.

I made it my mission to address every topic head on. I wasn’t born with this knowledge, times occure when I am learning with you. But if I don’t know how things work I do the research on them and figure it out, sometimes discussing features directly with the programmers, some times taking advantages of other sources. My intension is to get accurate results, make sure that they make sense and pass them along to you as clearly as I can.

I also provide background opinions, a dry listing of features followed by ponderous discussions of how they work doesn’t mean squat unless I explain why the feature is there where it fits your workflow, but before I brag anymore about the subject its possible you are not even sure what photoshop is so we are clear now,

Lets take a peek at the subject.

Photoshop is a mostpopular image editing application for use of Macintosh & windows based computers.

Photoshop hasn’t always been the best image editor and wasn’t the earlist one either. Its deceptively straight forward interface, combined with a few terrific core functions, made it a hit from its first release. As a result Photoshop right perpetuating wave of industry pre dominance.

Image Editing:

Image editing began on the Macintosh in the late 1980’s. The first image editor for Mac was image studio, a gray scale program from fractal design, Creator of colour stidio and painter. The image editor to future colour was Avolon Development group entry called PhotoMac, meanwhile Photoshop began as Tom Knoll’s graduate school project. His brother John put the Photoshop into work in the late 1980’s. In 1990 Adobe purchased this product, and Photoshop view to be the modest selling companion piece of company.

Having used mirrors, dry ice and some titillating industry analysis to convince you of photoshop process.
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