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KARTA = the person who performs any work.
KRIYA = the technique of work performed.
KARMA = karta + kriya (action).
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Creative professional with overall 16 years of experience in Creative, Administration and Operations field.

6 years of work experience in E-commerce product management bundled with Product photography, Product Videography, creative writing for product description, Keywords, meta tags, blog and other social media marketing, web portal architecture, payment gateway integration and studio operations.

4 years of work experience in Quality process and operations management including business development, Human resources management and other business administration.

6 years of work experience in Creative services field including graphic designing, 2D animation, web design -development and project management.

Currently heading 360 Creatives company as part of entrepreneurship experience and catering creative services to growth oriented start-up companies.

Seeking fulltime employment opportunities with responsibilities of creative operations, project management & delivery, team management and client relations.
  • Personal drive and effectiveness: Existence of a positive, 'can-do' mentality, anxious to find ways round obstacles and willing to exploit all of the available resources in order to accomplish objectives.

  • People management and leadership: motivating others (subordinates, colleagues, seniors and project team members) towards the achievement of shared goals not only through the application of formal authority but also by personal role-modelling a collaborative approach.

  • Business understanding: adoption of a company’s perspective, including awareness of financial issues and accountabilities of business processes and operations, of 'customer' priorities, and of the necessity for cost/benefit calculations when contemplating continuous improvement or transformational change.

  • Professional and ethical behaviour: possess professional skills and technical capabilities, subject (especially legal) knowledge.

  • Added-value result achievement: a desire not to concentrate solely on tasks, but rather to select meaningful accountabilities - to achieve goals that deliver added-value outcomes for the organization, but simultaneously to comply with relevant legal and ethical obligations.

  • Continuous learning: commitment to continuous improvement and change by the application of self-managed learning techniques.

  • Analytical and intuitive/creative thinking: systematic approach for situational analysis, development of convincing business focused action plans, and deployment of intuitive/creative thinking in order to generate innovative solutions and proactively seize opportunities.

  • 'Customer' focus: willingness to solicit and act upon 'customer' feedback as one of the foundations for performance improvement.

  • Strategic thinking: capable of creating an achievable vision for the future, to foresee longer-term developments. Communication, persuasion and interpersonal skills: Ability to transmit information to others, especially in written (report) form, both persuasively and cogently, display listening, comprehension and understanding skills, plus sensitivity to emotional and attitudinal.

Core Competencies

Graphic / Video production

Creative concept direction

E-commerce portal development

Video content creation

Online media management

Project management / delivery

Studio operations management

Product photography / videography

History of Employment
360 Creative Services (Sep 2015 )
Astro Journey (Apr 2010 Sep 2015)
Convate Consultancy Services Pvt. Ltd. (Apr 2008 Jan 2010)
Enterprise Logic Pvt. Ltd. (Aug 2002 Apr 2008)
Crayons Multimedia Pvt. Ltd. (Oct 1999 Jul 2002)

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